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Friday, 12 December 2014

Magazine blog post

What: We have written a set of answers for questions that could possibly be in the school magazine!


Here is what it says:
What have you enjoyed most about your year in room 10?
Learning with friends I have/made in the school year.

What learning area have you enjoyed and why?
Because... I have been reading a few sets of instructions to make a origami or play a game.

What learning area do you feel like you have improved the most and why?
Because... I have improved on writing instructions by learning the features of a good procedure.

What extra learning opportunity have you enjoyed the most and why?
Because... It is challenging.

What do you want to improve on or focus on next year?
My ICAS results.


Friday, 24 October 2014


What: We have been preparing for the production 
So what: We have been preparing a song for the production called Respect. I enjoyed practising the song,Respect.
Now what: i think that we can sing atiny bit louder. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oaklands Acrostic!

Room 10 all did a acrostic poem!
Here is mine:
If you can't read it,comment and i will type it!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Restorative book

What:The school has purchased some books and glued a sheet of paper in. This is our restorative book
So what:We have to record down a green or orange every day for our parents to see what we have been doing at school.The green shows I have been through no restorative conversations and i have been thinking about what I am doing.The orange shows I have been in a restorative conversation with a friend or a teacher and I need to think about what I am doing

Now what: I have gotten 3 oranges,which shows that i have had a restorative talk with a friend or teacher.So I think I will improve on my active thinking and think about my decisions.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Technology at Lincoln

We went to Lincoln school to learn about what we are doing to learn next year.
Heres what we made:
Above is the things i made.
At the top is the helicopter i made on science,the swirly yellow thing is what i made in the hard materials workshop,the colourful thing is a sticker i made from sewing,i also made the minecraft creeper(sideways)!

Monday, 15 September 2014


What:We have been learning skills of drama,we will show our skills in a stage challenge! We have been practising for the stage challenge we are very excited for the stage challenge.

So What: In my play,im a bully,I have to push people over while playing soccer.We are doing two skits for every single care value.Im in Active Thinking,we are doing not following the rules

Now what:I think that my group is pretty organised but I do think that we can use a bit less space.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Disappearance

I was late,terribly late! My friend told me to meet him on Creep road. It seemed a bit fishy to me but i agreed anyway. I take a shortcut through the forest,nobody ever goes here,strange. But sure enough,I made it through in no time. My friend have me a warning to never through that forest ever again. There's a romour,a deadly romour."yea right,"I muttered under my breath.

We had a fun night,we played to about 11:45pm.I forgot my friends warning. I walked through the forest again,tginking of all the things we did.I look behind me,saying,"Goodbye!". I just see trees.This is not good,not good at all!I look around me,looking for a way out.There is a house in the distant fog,I better go in,better than nothing!

I knock on the blood red door. There is a crashing and banging,then,all of a sudden,the door creaks open. I take a look inside,seems fine to me. I walk in,the door slam shut!"BOOM". I try to break the glass,but its unbreakable,"dam,reinforced!"I try to shoulder-charge the door down,I wasted too much energy on the windows! I look around for some way of escaping,this is like a maze!

I walk through the corridors,Left!Right!Left!Right!I was so confused! I made my way up to a bedroom sort of room,I lift up a chair and throw it at the windows,they shatter instantly! I look down,the ground looks so far from up here,I knew it was a illusion but my fear got to me. I hear footsteps,loud footsteps. I turn around,I hear the door creaking as i get down from the windowsill. The door open completly,there's nothing there!Strange! I then see a shadow at the corner of my eye,where does or who does the shadow belong to? i shut my eyes,and I..........JUMPED! I heard a voice as I fell,it whispered,"you will be regretting this decision!"I land on the ground in a matter of seconds. I run home and get into bed. What a amazing adventure,dangerous but amazing,I'm going there tomorrow.

2 Weeks later ...
Breaking news! boy went missing
Name:Tomasz Lin
Back to you John

Monday, 25 August 2014

Te Reo

What:we have been learning te reo,in other words,māori

So what:
That is some of what we have been learningy i
Sentence of the fortnight(above)

Now what:I want to try improve on my pronunciation!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Walt:we are trying to inprove on uour handwriting by choosing a thing to work on as in: size slope link flicks and shape!

So what:

Now what:try to land your letters on the line

Monday, 18 August 2014


What:we have been learning about...... GEOMETRY!!!

So what:here is a photo of what we have done

Be More Dog

Walt:we are learning to write narrative storys,fortunately,a viral video was found for our writing!

What:we have been learning to write narrative storys
So what:we looked at a video,here is the address:
Now what:now we try to look for more interesting introductions for our writing

Sorry if you cant read it

Monday, 28 July 2014

Term 3 Topic

This term we have been doing drama as our topic.
It is called Hollywood or Bust

What:we have been playing drama games like charades and greeting in numbers to inprove on our drama skills!
So what:one of my favourites games is charades which is a ga e where you get a card and you have to act it out.
Now what:Next time i will try to be prepared to act it out so i wont be as 'shaky'.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Te reo

This week is māori language week!
For Māori language week,we did a island drawing,heres mine:

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Earthquake writing

What:we have been writing about the christchurch earthquakes that happened inlate 2010 and early 2011!

So what:

Now what:next time i will do some research on the web to gather more infomation!

Thursday, 19 June 2014


What:We have been doing new stratigies for the time tables

So what:We have been using the 10 times tables to help solve the 9 times tables!

Now what:I will try to make a good prediction of the answer!

Friday, 6 June 2014


W.A.L.T:write about the key features in my art
What:we have created art to represent perspective of objects that are close and far away.
So what:My art represents a person POV in a gondala rowing down a river.The river has apple trees on the left and a path with streetlights on the right,some mountains are in the background,the sun is rising between the mountain.The white clouds blend in with the sky.Lastly,there is a bridge with fish under it.I think it turned out really nice.

Lines:I did some slightly squiggly lines for the mountains and the water.

Textures:I tried to do all the lines the same way but it is harder than it looks!I also did some darker colours for the mountains,I did lighter colours for the water and the sun

Monday, 19 May 2014

Winter sports

We are doing a activity called Winter sports.Winter sport is sports to keep the kids active.We had a trials for the teams,I trialed for hockey.I was so nervous that I had a tummyache!I tried my best it hit the ball but I couldnt see it!I tried my best,I really did!But I dont think im going to make the team this year,maybe next year.The next day,I went to school.My friends were telling me that I made the team!I couldnt believe it so I went to take a look myself.I scanned the sheet but I didnt see my name,hmmmmmmm I scanned the sheet again and there is was!My name was on the sheet after all!Iwas so happy that jumped like a kangaroo.Then here is now,me writing this to show what I did to get in!My first game is going to be on this friday 23rd of may!I am so nervous right now right here.but as I sometimes say,"never give up,try your best,nobody is worthless,evryone is good at something!"!I Cant wait!

Winter sports was canceled!:(I was really looking forward to the friday though,oh well.But at least it is still on 30th of may!I still excited I have bought a kit for hockey,it has a hockey stick,a ball,a cap,signed autogragh cards,shin pads,a bag and a "do not disturb"card.I also got a mouth guard and a drink bottle.I spent about $106 total!


What:We have invited Niel Shaskey(sorry if I spelt it wrong)to teach us art and perspective!
So What:perspective is how you look at something.The perspective line always ends up in the horizon.I was successful because I tried my best in the sketching.
Now What:If I could do better next time,i would make my perspective line a little bit more lighter.

Here is my art:


What:we have been looking at apps on devices ive been looking at a game called BADLAND
So what:BADLAND is a game where you fly around without dying,you collect powerups to survive.
Now what:i think this is a good game for a class because you need to think of a stratagy to complete each lvl/round

Thursday, 17 April 2014


We have been making wanted posters for a friend!
Heres mine,

Thanks for reading and the support!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Learning !!!

What:we have been learning a lot in literacy!
So what:
Verb activity sheet and character inference chart!

Now what:quality instead of quantity!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Maths Strats

What:Learning how to solve problems near doubles!

So what:
Now what:I can now solve hard problems like 1727+1738=3465

Monday, 31 March 2014


Friends be friends!

Camp Camp Camp

Hi everyone!I am going to show you what we did at camp!

Camp was a AWESOME experience.No tech,No TV and No Sodas and  other Junk!I was very impressed by what i can do!
Here's some photos of My Highlights and Camp:
Here is a Small Crab!
Here Is The Campfire
We also had dinner in The Great Dining Room!The food was amazing!(Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.
We also did archery!Here is Me!

That was my highlights of Camp!:)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Diamanté camp poem

What:We have been writing a diamante poem of our camp,which I have posted about.My diamante poem is about archery.
So what:My poem is shaped like a diamond,that is why its called diamante.                     
Now what:
Just in case you cant see,here is the poem,

Hard Quiet
Concentrating Aiming Looking
Shooting "Ammunition" At Targets
Aiming Checking Reloading
Easy Loud
 Thank you for reading this post!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

About Myself

Hi Everyone!as you already know im Tomasz.I will be sharing some things about myself.Well,I am 10and a half years old.My birthday is nov 3.I have been blown away from the views im getting!I know others might have more,but i am glad that you guys out there check my blog from time to time!I have never expected this much!Anyways back to the topic.I am from China.I have a smaller sister call Maggie,a mum and a dad.I am very proud for owning this blog!I would just like to say:谢谢which means thank you in chinise,it might not come out right,but THANKS to everyone out there.I am very pleased.谢谢大家。

Camp Oh Camp

Hurray,I have been waiting so long that i have busted!I cant wait at all!if you dont know what im talking about,I am talking about Camp!!!We are going next week!cant wait!


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Table tennis

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

From China

Hi Guys!

I Just came back from china.sorry i haven't posted

anything in a VERRRRYYYYYYY LONG time.

I would just like to say:Im Back Baby!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014