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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Disappearance

I was late,terribly late! My friend told me to meet him on Creep road. It seemed a bit fishy to me but i agreed anyway. I take a shortcut through the forest,nobody ever goes here,strange. But sure enough,I made it through in no time. My friend have me a warning to never through that forest ever again. There's a romour,a deadly romour."yea right,"I muttered under my breath.

We had a fun night,we played to about 11:45pm.I forgot my friends warning. I walked through the forest again,tginking of all the things we did.I look behind me,saying,"Goodbye!". I just see trees.This is not good,not good at all!I look around me,looking for a way out.There is a house in the distant fog,I better go in,better than nothing!

I knock on the blood red door. There is a crashing and banging,then,all of a sudden,the door creaks open. I take a look inside,seems fine to me. I walk in,the door slam shut!"BOOM". I try to break the glass,but its unbreakable,"dam,reinforced!"I try to shoulder-charge the door down,I wasted too much energy on the windows! I look around for some way of escaping,this is like a maze!

I walk through the corridors,Left!Right!Left!Right!I was so confused! I made my way up to a bedroom sort of room,I lift up a chair and throw it at the windows,they shatter instantly! I look down,the ground looks so far from up here,I knew it was a illusion but my fear got to me. I hear footsteps,loud footsteps. I turn around,I hear the door creaking as i get down from the windowsill. The door open completly,there's nothing there!Strange! I then see a shadow at the corner of my eye,where does or who does the shadow belong to? i shut my eyes,and I..........JUMPED! I heard a voice as I fell,it whispered,"you will be regretting this decision!"I land on the ground in a matter of seconds. I run home and get into bed. What a amazing adventure,dangerous but amazing,I'm going there tomorrow.

2 Weeks later ...
Breaking news! boy went missing
Name:Tomasz Lin
Back to you John

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