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Monday, 19 May 2014

Winter sports

We are doing a activity called Winter sports.Winter sport is sports to keep the kids active.We had a trials for the teams,I trialed for hockey.I was so nervous that I had a tummyache!I tried my best it hit the ball but I couldnt see it!I tried my best,I really did!But I dont think im going to make the team this year,maybe next year.The next day,I went to school.My friends were telling me that I made the team!I couldnt believe it so I went to take a look myself.I scanned the sheet but I didnt see my name,hmmmmmmm I scanned the sheet again and there is was!My name was on the sheet after all!Iwas so happy that jumped like a kangaroo.Then here is now,me writing this to show what I did to get in!My first game is going to be on this friday 23rd of may!I am so nervous right now right here.but as I sometimes say,"never give up,try your best,nobody is worthless,evryone is good at something!"!I Cant wait!

Winter sports was canceled!:(I was really looking forward to the friday though,oh well.But at least it is still on 30th of may!I still excited I have bought a kit for hockey,it has a hockey stick,a ball,a cap,signed autogragh cards,shin pads,a bag and a "do not disturb"card.I also got a mouth guard and a drink bottle.I spent about $106 total!


What:We have invited Niel Shaskey(sorry if I spelt it wrong)to teach us art and perspective!
So What:perspective is how you look at something.The perspective line always ends up in the horizon.I was successful because I tried my best in the sketching.
Now What:If I could do better next time,i would make my perspective line a little bit more lighter.

Here is my art:


What:we have been looking at apps on devices ive been looking at a game called BADLAND
So what:BADLAND is a game where you fly around without dying,you collect powerups to survive.
Now what:i think this is a good game for a class because you need to think of a stratagy to complete each lvl/round