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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Term 3:Recycle!
This term,we have learnt about recycling.
Our teacher(Mr Muller)is kind enough to take us to The
 Eco Drop,The Eco Sort and The Eco Shop.
At the Eco Drop,we learnt about the recycling  process.
At the Eco Sort,we got to look at some stuff that people throw out every day.
At the Eco Shop,we got imaginary $500 to buy anything!
We write down what we wanted to buy on a list.
But,we had to travel in time to university and buy what we need.I was in a group with Josh Forman,Josh Field and of course me!

We then discussed what we learnt with chris,our guide.

Trust me,we learnt ALOT!

Here's A Video about RECYCLING!!!!!

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